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The Creative Law Shop® App: A Quick Breakdown

As announced on May 14th, the Creative Law Shop® will be transforming into a first of its kind, AI-powered, contract-building app next month. I don’t say “first of it’s kind” tritely. To date, we (myself and analysts) still cannot identify direct competitor analysis research. Not to say it won’t exist, but to date, this is […]

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As announced on May 14th, the Creative Law Shop® will be transforming into a first of its kind, AI-powered, contract-building app next month.

I don’t say “first of it’s kind” tritely. To date, we (myself and analysts) still cannot identify direct competitor analysis research. Not to say it won’t exist, but to date, this is truly the first of it’s kind. A contract-building tool generated directly from my unique and deeply entrenched exposure to the creative law realm for the last 7 years working as a creative entrepreneur, for creative entrepreneurs.

More specifically, I have torn down every contract I’ve ever written for a creative entrepreneur, identified triggering events, cross-referenced those triggering events, and built a brand new platform operational from that knowledge, with the additional asset of a custom-coded GPT to assist with negotiations and common questions. The GPT is trained on 7 years of emails saved from our inbox, my own negotiation handbook, and every contract I’ve written. The platform, however; this is something entirely new. This is the byproduct of my identification and implementation of the appx. 900+ triggering events that play into every “creative law” agreement. In other words, all 90+ contracts that are available in the Creative Law Shop®.

In June, we will launch with VI, which is comprised of all client agreements. We’ve intentionally split this launch into two parts, because, just like my contract drafting, I want this business to grow alongside the practitioner. In other words, in the same way I can write an ironclad contract, I’m not going to pretend like I can foresee every industry-specific incident that could befall a videographer, for example. This is exactly why we’ve kept a tight leash on the contracts provided within the Creative Law Shop®: we could’ve added dozens more over the years, but have stayed true to our standard of integrity of only providing peer-reviewed agreements.

In the same vein, VI will launch with the most affordable model ever available, so that we can learn from our colleagues and customers.

What is this app?

The same Creative Law Shop®, enhanced. You can always choose to download the same template form, or you can use the custom-coded platform we’ve built out, which allows you to build your own agreement, or edit/negotiate your contracts, client by client. IE, if client A allows you to hold onto your copyright rights, but client B requests to purchase them, you no longer have to get on our waitlist. You click a button, and I’ve automatically inserted the 17ish other triggering events.

Gone are the days of sitting down and filling out a template alone, or listening to yet another podcast and then going back to double-check for the referenced language. Now, you have every answer I could provide at your disposal, and I’ve simplified appx. 100 questions into 5 per section. The control is entirely in your hands, and you can build a contract that suits your exact business needs.

When will it launch?

V1 will launch in early June. V1 includes all client agreements. V2 (all remaining agreements) will launch in the fall.

Existing customers of the Shop (those with active portals as of May 27) will be considered Founding Members, and have access to pricing that will only be available until July, available at a lifetime rate, and never offered again.

How did you build it?

It’s been a long winter, to put it lightly. I wanted an AI-powered business model, but knew that this needed to originate from a contract attorney’s brain. I married the two.

After 7 years of owning my own firm, working with creative entrepreneurs every day, I know what questions are asked, what answers can be provided, and what secret patterns exist behind the scenes. I’ve never seen those patterns articulated before, so I created them, and build the platform off of those patterns and triggering events.

The contract-building side of the app will allow people access to any and all information that I could ever provide, using my own contract language (not AI generated). However, there is an additional AI component that will just enhance the model- all of my trainings, contracts, correspondence, etc from the last 7 years.*

Literally, you could be a client and email me and tell me a client has asked to purchase your copyright rights in the work, and you can get on my calendar and then pay for those edits. Or, now, you can access my same output with the click of a button.

*Confidentiality and responsibility are, and have remained paramount in how we’ve built this business model. No confidential information has been shared or used to train a GPT.

How can we access it? What is the business model?

Keep an eye on Again, I’m launching this in the grittiest startup format possible, so users in June will have access to payment options that will never be seen again.

For the foreseeable future, you will still be able to download a template, if you’d like, or use the contract-building platform to customize. In other words, you can choose to download and edit by yourself, or you can utilize the platform and “edit” or “customize” the contract alongside our prompts. This is the only support I can (or will be) offering for contract customizations.


Since 2020, I knew, there was more we could be doing to help creative business owners legally protect their businesses when it came to their contracts.

I could write the most ironclad template in the world, but if someone isn’t comfortable negotiating, or never mastered the language they were provided, how effective was that contract?

The answer wasn’t to write yet another blog post or create another course, and tell busy people to take the time to read it and apply it correctly.

They needed something that felt like sitting down with an attorney to draft their contract.

For a couple years, I would throw out feelers and joke with peers about this idea, this dream.

And finally, in January, the pieces started falling together. As soon as I saw the first greenlight, I hit the gas, feel-speed ahead.

And I’m proud to finally announce, we have built a contract-building App.

It’s the closest someone can get to sitting across the table from a contract attorney.

The App is debuting SOON, maybe as soon as next month. And you will be the first to know.

Watch the replay to learn everything!

In celebration of announcing the App, our Spring Sale starts today!

Everything in the Shop is 25% OFF.

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