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Nothing has the potential to derail your plans like an unforeseen legal crisis. Our firm provides legal guidance that doesn't just help you strategically avoid them- but allow your business to grow into a legacy. 

“You’ve got to think about big things while you’re doing small things, so that all the small things go in the right direction.”
Alvin Toffler

Anyone can build a business; only a select few businesses can become a brand. Trademarks protect brands- ensuring not just that your brand's name, logo, or slogan can't be used by anywhere else- it's the only way to ensure that your business' name can live on in perpetuity. 

Typically, the most premier brands are the ones that are  infringed upon at the end of the day, and registering your trademark before infringers have the chance to act is key to protection. The trademark process is lengthy, which means that its better to act sooner than later. If you're unsure whether or not this step is right for you at this time, the due diligence option below is the proper first step, which not only acts as the "first step" of the trademark process, but is also a step every business should take prior to branding. 

Trademark Registrations 

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Our extensive due diligence search provides a comprehensive search of your business name throughout the United States, so that you know whether or not your proposed (or current) name can be used. This is the first of three steps of our trademark process, and should also be your first step prior to investing capital on branding. It's integral that you ensure that there is no chance of “likelihood of confusion” with another brand, which typically results with an exchange of not-so-fun cease and desist letters at best; a forced rebrand at worst. Before you invest in branding or creating a business, the wisest step is always a due diligence search.

Due Diligence Search

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There's quite a difference between filing papers with the Secretary of State, and creating an enduring business. The former, you can generally do on your own; the latter you need to make sure you are handling correctly.

The first step of forming a true business is ensuring that you have the right corporate formation, which evolves over time. From LLCs to S-Corps, C-Corps to 501(c)(3) filings, we're happy to discuss what would be best for your business at this time.

Business Services (Formations,  Restructurings and More)

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Katie Selvidge, Cottage Hill Magazine

Working with Paige Hulse has allowed me the freedom to dream in my business again. Her expertise has afforded me the chance to start over and start anew on bigger visions that would not have been possible without her.  What makes Paige different from any other attorney, is she is genuinely passionate. That passion leads to innovative and creative solutions to improving the strength of your business and its future.

Bronwyn Spain, Spain Ranch 

Paige is hands-down the only attorney I would recommend for those in the creative industry. She has provided my business with tools that are customized to specific needs. This is hard to find elsewhere in the world of law because I am in a niche market. I am beyond pleased with how she's helped my business. 

Lindsay Lucas, The Venue Academy; Lean On Me Consultants

In a world where more and more professionals are streamlining their expertise to work with the masses, Paige goes against the grain to give fully of her knowledge to her clients. I work with very high end clients myself who often have extremely unique needs, like Paige, I too am fiercely protective of my clients. I have never once hesitated to refer one of my clients to Paige. I sleep soundly knowing they're well taken care of, their needs are met, and they have a knowledgeable expert in their corner who is willing to go the extra mile for them. 

Lisa Kirk, Lisa Kirk Writes, Something Pretty

I feel so much more confident working with brands knowing that I'm now protected by a contract that was written by an expert. I'm so grateful for Paige's expertise and her genuine care for my business!

Working with Paige is hands-down the best decision I've made for my business. Her legal advice is  shared with compassion for not only the law but for me as a person. Paige is so much more than a lawyer and has cared for my business like it was her own. 

Emily Yost, Emily In Love, Outsourcing With Love

Nancy Ray, Nancy Ray Photography

Working with Paige has been such a delight! As a creative, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with the legal aspects of my business. Not only was she kind and understanding, she was incredibly fast and responsive to my specific needs. I would highly recommend working with her!

Brianne Wik, Brave Fear

Working with Paige is such a dream experience. She is so thoughtful, kind and clear in her communications. I would (and already do) recommend everyone I know to work with her, because the experience is such a good one. Paige is in a league of her own. 

Kind Words


It seems like such an uncouth sentiment, yet it’s true: The most certain thing you can count on in life is that death will inevitably follow. And during life, it’s impossible to predict the unknowns. Despite knowing this, most business owners neglect this most important, most inevitable tenet. 

Planning for the future is more than just your estate- it's your business’ succession plan, executing restructuring when necessary. It’s about creating a legacy. After all, no one starts a business today for it to be gone tomorrow. 
The only way you can create a legacy is to make practical, actionable decisions to do so; and the only way to turn your business into a legacy is with a plan. 

Business and Estate Planning 

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