It’s a given that your business isn’t going anywhere if it isn’t legal- but our clients don’t need to be told that. We work with the entrepreneurs who are ready to take their business to the next level- not just to a place of security, but who seek us out to create strategic growth for the future.  

We believe in equipping entrepreneurs at every stage of owning a business- from formation, to duration, to creating a strategic future. 

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The majority of entrepreneurs I meet have one thing in common: their passion led them into a business. Now, they just need guidance to transform their business in its current existence to one of endurance, capable of leaving a legacy. 

Since starting my firm, I’ve helped magazine editors launch, produce, and sell out of magazines; helped high-end wedding professionals land advertisement deals, and navigate difficult negotiations; conducted corporate restructurings so that the business can continue for the next generations; helped multiple business owners obtain trademark registrations, so that their brand continues into perpetuity; helped businesses create franchises out of what started as single-member LLCs, and helped young business owners form their first businesses.



The truth of the matter is, if you have enough passion, endurance, and grit, anyone can become an "entrepreneur". But in order to do so successfully, you just must ensure that the legal foundation of your business isn’t just sound today, but poised for growth tomorrow. Traditional law firms can't promise their clients 1:1 attention, typically farming the work out to an associate the client never even meets. This is the opposite of how I run my firm. I don't just develop personal relationships with my clients- I equip them with confidence when it comes to understanding their legalities of their business.

Katie Selvidge, Cottage Hill Magazine

Working with Paige Hulse has allowed me the freedom to dream in my business again. Her expertise has afforded me the chance to start over and start anew on bigger visions that would not have been possible without her.  What makes Paige different from any other attorney, is she is genuinely passionate. That passion leads to innovative and creative solutions to improving the strength of your business and its future.

Bronwyn Spain, Spain Ranch 

Paige is hands-down the only attorney I would recommend for those in the creative industry. She has provided my business with tools that are customized to specific needs. This is hard to find elsewhere in the world of law because I am in a niche market. I am beyond pleased with how she's helped my business. 

Lindsay Lucas, The Venue Academy; Lean On Me Consultants

In a world where more and more professionals are streamlining their expertise to work with the masses, Paige goes against the grain to give fully of her knowledge to her clients. I work with very high end clients myself who often have extremely unique needs, like Paige, I too am fiercely protective of my clients. I have never once hesitated to refer one of my clients to Paige. I sleep soundly knowing they're well taken care of, their needs are met, and they have a knowledgeable expert in their corner who is willing to go the extra mile for them. 

Lisa Kirk, Lisa Kirk Writes, Something Pretty

I feel so much more confident working with brands knowing that I'm now protected by a contract that was written by an expert. I'm so grateful for Paige's expertise and her genuine care for my business!

Working with Paige is hands-down the best decision I've made for my business. Her legal advice is  shared with compassion for not only the law but for me as a person. Paige is so much more than a lawyer and has cared for my business like it was her own. 

Emily Yost, Emily In Love, Outsourcing With Love

Nancy Ray, Nancy Ray Photography

Working with Paige has been such a delight! As a creative, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with the legal aspects of my business. Not only was she kind and understanding, she was incredibly fast and responsive to my specific needs. I would highly recommend working with her!

Brianne Wik, Brave Fear

Working with Paige is such a dream experience. She is so thoughtful, kind and clear in her communications. I would (and already do) recommend everyone I know to work with her, because the experience is such a good one. Paige is in a league of her own. 

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