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A common phrase I hear working with entrepreneurs every day? There’s no framework for entrepreneurship (particularly in the creative field); you’re somewhat flying blind. This isn’t true. There is, and it’s called Editor’s Course.

This is the singular course that I recommend consistently to my own clients, based upon the profound results that I experienced after completing this curriculum. Honestly, anyone can start a business; even on accident. I see it occur every day. However, few are able to step into the role of truly working as a business owner; making strategic decisions to grow and scale their businesses into something lasting. Even more rare? A curriculum that walks you through the specific steps to get there, strategically, with integrity.

Photo by Shaylyn Nelson for Editor’s Course


What I find unique about Editor’s Course? Among other reasons, this curriculum was drafted in a way to be applicable to a variety of businesses; ranging from product-based businesses, to service-based; even to those selling professional services, such as myself. When I began my law firm, I had absolutely no guideposts on how to build an online law firm, much less build it with durability. As soon as Chapter Two of the Editor’s Course curriculum, I was able to take actionable steps to create a framework for my business, that didn’t just allow it to grow and scale, but to do so in a way that endures. Now, two businesses later, I have a roster of happy clients who have walked through the same course and found the same results, and I am proud to continue to recommend this course to all of my clients who own small businesses.


As a preface, I am incredibly protective of my clients, and equally hesitant to recommend education and/or programs to clients, simply because my firm works with several individuals that offer educational services for fellow business owners. However, I recommend Editor’s Course for two specific reasons: first, and foremost, because I have yet to encounter any program as comprehensive as this program; and second, because I have yet to encounter a program that has had such a tangible ROI for clients in so many practice areas as I have with this program.

Speaking at Editor’s Course in 2019 with Katie Selvidge, the founder of EC (photo by Shalyn Nelson)

When I recommend something to my clients, I take it as seriously as laying a piece of my own reputation on the line: I chose to name my business with my own name, for a reason. I am responsible for every action this business takes, for every client I serve, for every recommendation I make, so I make none of them lightly. As entrepreneurs know all too well, owning our business means we are on the line for every single thing we do, which means that anything I recommend has been very highly vetted for the clients I recommend to.

To date, without reviewing any records, off the top of my head I can tell you that I have recommended (and heard glowing reviews) from clients ranging from florists to makeup artists, business strategists, managers, VA’s, and photographers to wedding planners, graphic designers; product makers to service providers to professionals selling professional services (like myself). Again, the key here is not that this is some sort of golden key of education, or that these individuals had businesses that were conducive to the curriculum; it was that this curriculum is moldable, transformative, and robust enough to span all types of business endeavors.…which therefore means that investment in this curriculum is almost certain to bring about a reward.

If you have any questions whatsoever about Editor’s Course, I invite you to reach out to me at However, I will tell you that I can’t speak of the new owner, Bronwyn Spain, highly enough. Not only was she a driving force behind the success of Spain Ranch- a groundbreaking venue (and the location of my little sister’s wedding!) in Oklahoma, but an incredibly talented, integrity-filled creative that I’m grateful to call a client and friend.

Owner of Editor’s Course, Bronwyn Spain, captured by Cristine Gosch at Spain Ranch

If you’re interested in participating in Editor’s Course, you only have until January 9 to sign up for the 2020 session, and you may do so here.

*Please note that this is an affiliate code, and while I may receive a small kickback upon use, I share it only because I have taken this course myself, and as I said, recommend to my own clients. I am an open book at until January 12th if you have any questions at all, and I hope to see you at Spain Ranch in August!

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