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Podcast Feature: Play It Brave With D’Arcy Benicosa (IS YOUR BUSINESS LEGALLY SOUND?)

Recently, I had the pleasure of sitting down with my friend D’Arcy Benicosa to discuss a topic every business owner must be familiar with: contracts. D’Arcy has had an incredibly successful career as a photographer, and in this episode, she shares tips on on how she manages her clients’ expectations that truthfully, I wish every wedding professional would adopt. Find more of our conversation here:

Is Your Business Legally Sound? with Paige Hulse from The Creative Law Shop and Paige Hulse Law

Play It Brave:

Contracts. They make many of us want to crawl into a corner and pretend they don’t exist, am I right? The truth is, being legally protected doesn’t have to be as scary as we all make them out to be. In this episode, I’m chatting with my good friend and lawyer, Paige Hulse, as she uncovers some of the major things you might be missing in your contracts, as well as a few tips to becoming confident and appearing professional in your business relationships. Listen in to find out what your business could be lacking!

Key Takeaways:

  • People who treat their businesses professionally attract elevated clients
  • Thinking of the “what if’s” and including them in your contract gives your clients the piece of mind and knowledge of how those scary situations will be handled if they do arise.
  • NDA’s (Non-Disclosure Agreements) Are not only protective for your clients, but you can use them to protect your own ideas within your business.
  • Asking someone to sign agreements is going to cultivate respect for the relationship. You need to shed the mindset of being afraid of being too strict and understand that contracts are mutually beneficial.
  • Start with the confidentiality agreement if you feel that will help a client understand that the contract protects them just as much as you.
  • In regards to other people using your images without permission, the moment you click the shutter button, you’ve created a common-law copyrighted image. You can file a DMCA request on Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest to have those images removed if you wish.
  • Have a collaboration (styled shoot) contract in place! Listen in for more details on this!
  • Make sure to abide by your own agreement.
  • Make sure the bride and the groom are the one’s signing the contracts. Listen in for more details on this!

Top 3 Things You Should Have in Your Contract as a Wedding Photographer:

  • Have a strong termination/cancellation provision
  • Initial Payment (deposit) Provision should have a non-refundable clause that explains why it’s non-refundable.
  • Always have a Limitation of Liability provision. Cap the dollar amount of damages that could arise from litigation.

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