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If you’re new to Paige Hulse Law, welcome! Below is an intro to what this firm (and it’s sister company, the Creative Law Shop) is all about. If you’ve been following along with PHL, keep reading, because we have some pretty big updates we’re announcing today.

First, my name is Paige Hulse, and I’m the founder of Paige Hulse Law and the Creative Law Shop. Paige Hulse Law is a boutique law firm that serves high-achieving entrepreneurs through four primary avenues that will be discussed below, while the Creative Law Shop is an online shop full of contract templates and legal resources for creative entrepreneurs.

I consider myself incredibly blessed to get to use my law degree in a way that I love, and that I get to dictate for myself. Working with entrepreneurs was the driving force behind my decision to go to law school in the first place- after growing up in a family of entrepreneurs, I saw the impact a dedicated legal advisor could have not just by making a positive difference in an entrepreneur’s business, but the way they could be the defining factor between success or failure.

I love my job, but my journey to owning my own firm was hard-won. I’ll be sharing more about that next month.

Prior to starting my firm, I practiced as a litigator in the energy industry, working for both publicly-traded corporations and small firms before finally landing at my previous firm, where I worked with clients that ranged from corporations to one-person companies. The firm allowed us to learn through practical, hands-on experience, which is rare in the legal industry, and while it meant that work was oftentimes challenging, it also meant that I was able to expand my knowledge much more quickly and thoroughly than if I’d been stuck in a cubicle. One of my core beliefs is that tension should be appreciated; without discomfort, there’s no growth.

I absolutely love the clients I get to work with, and as my firm has evolved, my clients have as well. While I initially began my firm as an attorney for creatives, I soon realized that not only did I enjoy working with wedding professionals; but I also equally enjoyed working with entrepreneurs who had built businesses from the ground up. This clientele ranged from graphic designers who were building their first agencies, to cattle ranchers who were running multi-generational operation. Quite the range, but what these clients all have in common have always been the same: passion for their work, and the grit and gumption to get it done.

Another funny thing that started happening over the course of my first year of business; as I started working with more and more high-achieving entrepreneurs, my work with my husband started to overlap more as well. For those who haven’t met Matt, he’s a financial advisor who focuses on business succession planning for small business owners. In the late spring of 2018, I was approached by a local attorney who invited me to form an association as he begins to approach retirement, and as my firm begins to take off.

Very long story short, we have joined forces to form Melone-Hulse. Which means, for approximately 9 months… I have had a second law firm entirely behind the scenes of PHL, serving business owners and families in the areas of estate and trust law. For the foreseeable future, everything behind Melone-Hulse and Paige Hulse Law will stay “as is”- and at some future point, you’ll see us continue to evolve.



The old adage, “the more things change, the more things stay the same” has never had more meaning. While my journey of owning my firm has gone through a whirlwind of change over the course of its existence, it’s arrived right back at the place that it began. The reason why I chose to pursue a legal career in the first place was not just to assist entrepreneurs like my dad and grandfathers with every stage of owning a business, but strategically building their future.

Paige Hulse Law now only serves high-achieving entrepreneurs and elite wedding professionals.


In order to best serve our clients, Paige Hulse Law now serves clients in four distinct areas:

  1. Trademarks
  2. Estate planning
  3. Business Succession Planning
  4. Business formations
  5. Very select contract services (although, the majority of our services can be found at


  • All of my legal musings, thoughts, and articles can be found here, at The vast majority of my articles are for the purpose of legal education; on occasion, I’ll write opinion pieces, or observational pieces on entrepreneurship.
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  • Additional articles, written mostly for the benefit of entrepreneurs in the beginning stages of their business journey, can be found at, as well as free resources, and more than 50  contract templates.
  • Facebook- find us on Facebook, where we will often link to relevant articles and other relevant educational resources for entrepreneurs
  • Instagram- finally, you can find me on Instagram at @paige.hulse (and the Creative Law Shop at @creativelawshop). I use Instagram as a way to network with others, and share a bit more about my daily life.


And finally, if there are ever legal concepts or blog posts you’d like to see, feel free to send an email to

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