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Do Not Brand (Or Rebrand) Yourself Before Doing This


Some of the requests for the most rushed work I receive are that of clients wanting to rebrand their businesses. They may have poured literal thousands of dollars into their copy, their graphic design, a new website…only to find that the name or logo they’ve just invested in may be subject to intellectual property disputes.


Build your business wisely- start by ensuring that your brand is clear of any due diligence search, and does not run the risk of “likelihood of confusion” with another brand. A “likelihood of confusion” doesn’t just mean the exact same name- it just needs to be “confusingly similar” to the consumer…and lawyers can have a lot of fun with cease and desist letters in that grey area.Whether you decide to register a trademark is your decision as a business owner, and quite frankly, besides the point.

The point: do not try to build a business that you will have to tear down immediately due to intellectual property disputes, or claims that your brand infringes upon another’s. Run a sufficient due diligence search before you invest any money in creating a brand. And finally, make sure you’re working with designers, copywriters, and coaches who know enough to tell you the same.


Don’t let yourself be blinded by what’s in front of you, without ensuring the foundation of your decision is sound. 

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