2019 Book List

As someone who is always on the hunt for new books to read, I’ve compiled a list of some of my favorites from 2019.

I average approximately 1 book per week (either audio or hardback), so this is a list of my stringently culled choices that I encountered this year. And no, this list is not business-specific!

Top Books For Anyone

My #1 Recommendation For The Year:

Without question, the top book I read this year is David Goggins’ “Can’t Hurt Me”. This is one of the few books I would recommend the audio version over the hardback copy (although, I have dogeared nearly every page of my hard copy); simply because Goggins himself narrates his own book, and adds commentary at the end of chapters that aren’t found in the hard copy. This book won’t just catch your attention; it will actually challenge you, and will leave an impact. I can’t recommend it highly enough.
It doesn’t matter if you’re a business owner, or not. If you are someone who wants to succeed in whatever it is you’re doing (becoming an effective leader, becoming a better friend, or more successful in whatever your vocation may be), this book is based on statistic after statistic; a culmination of studies from around the world showcasing facts rather than opinions based upon the notion of success.
Despite what it might sound like; this is NOT a book that only business owners need to read. If you negotiate anything in your day to day life-and if you ever make a purchase, ask someone “please”, ask for favors, etc- you are unknowingly entering into negotiations. This book will refine your negotiation skills, making you a better practitioner of whatever your vocation is, or simply, a more influential person.
If you’re looking for a clever book that challenges your notion of “waiting on the one day” to do whatever it is you wanting to do, read this book. Bohannon challenges the narrative that one day “you will arrive”, and instead, poses the concept that it is that behavior you had as a beginner, along with that “pluck” that gave you the gumption to begin is the key to your success in the future.
I heard Jiang speak at the Global Leadership Summit this year, and immediately bought his book. Have you ever worried about rejection in your life? Personally, in business, with that new idea you’ve been holding onto? Perhaps it’s simply a muscle you have to strengthen. Look up his video on Youtube- this is the book I send to clients who tell me they’re “scare” of potential rejection with an innovation.
Again, another Global Leadership Summit find- Henry challenges the common conception of leadership. Highly recommend this book if you’re looking to hone your leadership skills.

Not a new book, but an audiobook I go back to over and over again:

Cold Tangerines, by Niequist, is my most listened-to book (only behind Goggins). This book is a reminder of the importance of celebration (not in a cliche way, but the type of reminder you need when life becomes a whirlwind. Her writing is simply poetic, and her reminders always timely.

Books For The Business Owner

(Or anyone looking to hone their marketing/general business skills). None of these books were new in 2019, but these books influenced the trajectory of my business this year:

General Recommendations

No, this isn’t a political choice- but the political scientist in me can’t help but say, if you’ve expressed any sort of confusion over the current political landscape (or if you’re a business owner who’ve realized that the political system does in fact impact your business, this is a highly educational read).
This book changed the trajectory of my career in 2017, and is one of the major reasons why I started by own law firm. This is the most inquisitive book I’ve ever read regarding the concept of the true meaning of “vocation”
Of course I had to include an equine-related book! In all seriousness, whether you have any interest in horses or not, this is a wonderful read by a man chosen by the Queen of England to train her own horses. There is SO much to be learned in this book about the meaning of true power, authority, and leadership, and I’d argue that it pertains to anyone, both inside the business world, or out.

What I’m starting 2019 with:

I mentioned that Garden City was one of the most pivotal books that I’ve read- I absolutely can’t wait to read the newest book from Comer (that I’ve already heard great things about!)

Do you have any recommendations, or favorites not listed here? I’d love to hear, and add them to my own list!

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