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Internships – From The Intern Perspective



Spring 2015, I was a freshman in college, gearing up to study abroad for the first time. I had never left the U.S. and hopped on the opportunity to travel to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, with an Emerging Economies course. 10 days on Copacabana beach for spring break didn’t sound like a bad deal; yet, what I was most excited for was learning, first hand, how large companies navigate such a volatile economy.  


What I didn’t expect, was that the most meaningful visit would be with a small, socially responsible company called EcoPolo. One woman living in a small town outside Rio de Janeiro, opened her home to teach women in her community how to weave goods. She didn’t stop there, she also taught them how to create their materials and sell their products, and in doing so, how to gain financial empowerment.  



This visit opened up a whole new world of entrepreneurism, social responsibility, and sustainability that has stuck with me throughout my college career. As I prepare to embark on the “real world,” I am driven by these concepts and the positive impacts I have seen them create.


Now that you know a little about my why. Let me introduce myself: My name is Teresa and I am a senior at the University of Tulsa. I started working with Paige at the turn of the New Year and knew from our first phone interview that we would be a perfect fit.

I first heard about Paige and PHL from my sorority sister. I was told that Paige recently opened her own law firm for creatives and needed an extra hand working with her business so she could continue to focus on her true passion, her clients.


During that first phone call, I felt like I was talking to a clone of myself, except where I would have said business, Paige said law. We bonded over our passion for working with entrepreneurs and doing our part to make their dreams into successful, legal business. We realized that our mission is the same, we just attack it from two different sides: legal and business.

Transparency is Key

Another reason I knew I wanted to work with Paige from the start was her transparency. Paige told me, first thing, that this internship would be a work in progress and would evolve as we moved forward. There wasn’t a clear-cut job description or task list. Each week would look a little bit different and I would need to be comfortable asking questions and researching new ways to grow and improve the business. I would also need to be able to tell her if I wasn’t able or comfortable working on a certain project.


It might sound crazy, but this was exactly what I was looking for. I am able to learn new, useful skills every week. In three months, I have already learned how to create landing pages, draft emails and separate them into mailing lists, design and edit websites, utilize social media to increase exposure, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Learning these skills is also helping me learn how to create and growth my own brand.


The best part of working with Paige Hulse Law, is definitely working with Paige. Her drive and success just further encourages me to continue working with entrepreneurs and designing my own career path.







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